New Zealand’s lizards: remembering a forgotten fauna

First appeared on ZEALANDIA blog: available here New Zealand: a land of birds? Aotearoa is well known as a land of birds. Some of the earliest observations of the country’s natural history were ornithological: Joseph Banks famously described being “awakd by the singing of the birds ashore” on his voyage aboard the HMS Endeavour (1768-1771). Ngā manu (birds)... Continue Reading →

Public survey

Another angle of our research aims to understand how people's relationship with nature relates to their conservation behaviours. To investigate this we are currently running an anonymous public survey open to all New Zealanders. If you are interested in participating or would like to know more about this research, click on the link below. People,... Continue Reading →

One hundred percent pure. This is how New Zealand markets itself to the world: the slogan evokes images of snow-capped mountains, idyllic beaches and lush forests. Our natural areas are renowned for their beauty and valued for their biodiversity. National parks, the great walks, island sanctuaries- locals and tourists alike flock in droves to get... Continue Reading →

Lizard locator results – Week 1

Only one week after the 'Lizard Locator' went live we have received more than 40 reports of sightings from around the country (see above). By far the most common types of sightings are in people's backyards which is great because the only way to access this information is through public sightings. These sightings have included... Continue Reading →

Recruiting backyards for citizen science

This month the team is starting its drive to recruit participants in the citizen science aspects of our research. Citizen science is a collaborative approach to research where members of the public can participate in a scientific project by gathering and reporting data to researchers. As part of our research we are engaging citizen scientists to... Continue Reading →

Lizard Locator website up and running

Ever seen a skink out basking on the footpath during your lunchtime run? Got some friendly geckos hanging out in your garden shed? We would love to know about it! Your knowledge about where lizards are living in our cities can help contribute to our research. The Urban Lizard Locator is a tool for reporting public lizard... Continue Reading →

Connecting research and people

Because our research takes place in cities and relies upon the engagement of members of the public, communicating with interested groups and sharing new information will be very important. This blog and website will document and communicate the progress of our research with stakeholders, participants and other interested members of the public and allow a forum... Continue Reading →

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